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Thank you for taking the time to recommend a student to the College Center for Scholarly Advancement. 

In order to reach as many UChicago students as possible, we rely on our outstanding and engaged network of faculty and staff to highlight the work of the especially meritorious (many of whom are either unaware, mystified, or self-select out of the many well-fitting opportunities available to them). By filling out the recommendation form below, you will put this student on our radar and help us strengthen the network of individuals aware of national fellowships. Thank you again, for your time and consideration!

The CCSA Team

Please highlight any reasons why you are recommending this student. Are the excelling in their coursework, and looking to strive towards a greater challenge? Are they having a positive, measurable impact on their community? Have they conducted thought-provoking research or completed an impactful study abroad experience? All these reasons (and more!) help provide the basis for successful fellowship and graduate school applications. We are delighted to act as a resource for students looking for the next step. The information you provide here will help us get the ball rolling in an advising meeting.
Please let us know if you've talked about a particular opportunity with a student, or if you think that they'd be a great fit for anyone of the following awards.
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While it's wonderful for a student to know that they have the support of Faculty and Staff, we very much appreciate your potential preference for privacy. The extent of our sharing your information with the student is "Dear [StudentName], [YourName] has indicated to the CCSA that you might be a good fit for [Opportunity]."