Funding for Undergraduate Research

Sources of funding for research are often specific to particular kinds of research. Additionally, different sources may be specific to a particular discipline, field of study, time-of-year, etc. While College students can find funds to support their research, some undergraduates decide to pursue unfunded research on a voluntary basis. Many faculty members expect to need help with their research over the summer (and occasionally during term-time) and might advertise paid Research Assistant positions through their department/research center's listserv, or through Career Advancement. If your research supports the larger project of a faculty-member, they might be able to provide you with a small stipend from their own funds. Furthermore, faculty members, TFs, tutors, and peers may have interacted with many other students conducting research. Make sure you speak with your own network, especially those faculty who work in the discipline, because they may be able to identify funding sources that you may not have yet considered.

Search the CCSA Opportunities Database for a comprehensive list of research funding opportunities: 

A selection of UChicago funding opportunities specifically supporting undergraduate research activities:

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