Summer Action Grant

This grant provides summer funding for undergraduate students to pursue professional experiences or minimally compensated work in the U.S.

Summer Action Grants offer funding opportunities to undergraduate students wishing to work or intern in the United States. Students are selected based on their submitted proposal, which must include a budget and a back-up plan. Students will also need to demonstrate how the experience will enhance their professional goals. Regional and thematic diversity of projects will also be taken into account.

Deadline Information

By 11:55pm: Sunday, April 22, 2018


Students who receive funding are required to share their experiences with the University of Chicago community upon return.

Eligibility Requirements

Currently enrolled first- through third-year undergraduate students who are interested in either working or interning in the United States may apply. When applying, students must have proof of employer interest. Summer Action Grants only support positions that are either unpaid or supported by a small stipend. Students must work at least 200 hours during the summer. International students are eligible. A student may only receive the grant once while at the University of Chicago.

*If you are not currently enrolled this quarter but will be continuing as an enrolled student in the coming term/year, please contact Career Advancement staff about applying for this grant.

Application Process

Applications should be in the form of a cover letter (1 page max) that provides the following:

  • A clear and specific project proposal that includes what the student plans to do, and with what organization.
  • Documentation regarding an organization’s interest in hiring a student is required. Although it is preferred that applicants have an offer in hand, a final offer is not required. However, the student must have already been in contact with the organization, and the organization must have expressed interest. Documentation regarding an organization’s interest in hiring a student is required.
  • A “back up” plan of equal quality that includes what steps he or she will take if funding is not available. The letter should explain why this position will further the student’s academic and/or career goals.

Please note: the selection committee will evaluate application based exclusively on the required material, which must be submitted by the deadline and through Handshake. Any additional information, updates, or documentation submitted via email and/or after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Additional Required Materials 

  • Cover sheet (required form available on Handshake)
  • A resume (1 page only – additional pages will not be reviewed)
  • A preliminary itemized budget (required form available on Handshake)
  • Unofficial transcript (official transcript will not be accepted)
  • Documentation of Organization Interest (offer letter, or most relevant email exchange. 1 page only)
  • Contact information for two references who can speak to the student’s skills and how they relate to this experience. Include: reference’s name and last name, professional title, place of work, email address. (please, add them to your Cover sheet)

Please note: incomplete applications or applications not formatted according to instructions will not be considered. Please make sure you read the Detailed Application Guide. To have access to the Detailed Application Guide page, you must log in to the Career Advancement website.

Faculty Contact

Facutly Name: 
Chiara Montanari
For more information on this opportunity, please contact: